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Here’s What You Missed Last Week: Tiktok’s most valuable resource launched + Instagram taking back Money from Creators & New ChatGPT 4 🧃

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Marketing Updates 🚀

Top 5 Updates of the Week

  • Meta is working on a decentralised social media app like Twitter. (Platform)
  • Youtube will stop showing overlay Ads on desktop starting next month. (Check)
  • Googles February 2023 Product Reviews Update Finished rolling out. (SET)
  • Microsoft to launch ChatGPT 4 next week with AI videos. (DigitalTrends)
  • Tiktok expands “Tiktok search Ads” to more advertisers, target users based on keywords & searches. (SEL)

Google 🔍

  • Google Ads simplifies audience creation with new GA4 Audience builder. (News)
  • Google announced new updates to featured snippets with “new headings” for Also Asked Tab in search. (Blog)
  • Google roles out new updated desktop search design with new site names & more. (SEL)
  • Google Trends have a new look for 2023. (Post)
  • Google Ads launches Performance max for Travel Goals. (Blog)
  • Google expands local service Ads to more than 70 new businesses. (SEL)

Tiktok 🎼

  • Tiktok launched “Series” a new feature that allows creators to charge for premium content. (News)
  • Tiktok is blocking links to App store from creator bios, limited business still have this access. (TC)
  • Tiktok partnered with Dentsu on a new campaign performance tracking solution. (Newsroom)
  • Tiktok wins US trademark trial over stitch video feature. (Reuters)
  • Belgium bans Tiktok from governmental devices. (politico)
  • Tiktok provides new in-app prompt update on how it is protecting users. (Blog)

Instagram 🧬

  • Instagram’s new “About this account” UI with Paid subscription mentioned. (Tweet)
  • Instagram is back online after Brief global outages this week. (CNN)

Meta 🔮

  • Meta is cutting off reels bonuses program for Instagram & Facebook reels. (Here)
  • Meta is planning to lay off thousands of employees as soon as possible. (Insider)
  • Facebook made new mentions in a blogpost about Messenger coming back to Facebook app. (Blog)
  • Facebook is testing removal of Topics in its groups feature. (DIW)
  • Important: WhatsApp users in EU can disagree to terms & services as Meta agrees to EU to comply with consumer protection rights. (Read)
  • WhatsApp can get banned in UK over the issues regarding end-to-end encryption. (TG)

Twitter 🕊️

  • EU suggests Elon musk to hire more employees to moderate twitter. (FT)
  • Twitter to charge $42k per month for API access for enterprises. (wired)
  • Twitter’s privacy preserving Tor service is unavailable now. (News)
  • Elon musk says Q2 2023 will be profitable for Twitter after major changes. (Insider)
  • Twitter aims to add chat encryption, New DM features & emoji reactions by end of this month. (Elon)
  • Outages: Twitter was down multiple times this week, with desktop outages, Image loading errors & more.

YouTube 👨🏻‍🎨

  • Youtube Updated their policies regarding Profanity after creator backlash, videos are eligible for monetisation. (blog)

Snapchat 😶‍🌫️

  • Snapchat launches new AR filters about election awareness ahead of Dutch Elections. (TC)

Reddit 🎃

  • Reddit is shutting down Reddit talks from March 21. (CBS)
  • Reddit launches separate feeds for readable & video content, many are calling it Tiktok clone. (TC)

Pinterest 📌

  • Child sensitive content is escaping Pinterest algorithm, but platform shared update regarding new content reporting tools launching next week. (engadget)
  • Pinterest shared new key insights on International Women’s day. (Blog)

Microsoft 👨‍💼

  • Microsoft Bing AI working on save chats & more features. (Seroundtable)
  • Global head of Microsoft advertising steps down. (SEL)
  • Microsoft layed off another set of 10,000 employees working in US. (DNA)
  • Code-free custom conversions, and 5 other new Microsoft Ad updates. (SEL)

Marketing 🥘

  • Discord’s new AI features are getting user backlash. (TB)
  • Spotify goes all in on creator economy with new video podcast deals with Viral creators. (Read)
  • Twitch creators are angry as all the exclusive deals will go down, all creators will have a 50/50 revenue cut. (TB)
  • Disney sells out Ad inventory for Oscars. (Adweek)
  • Spotify revamps its app with new Tiktok style discovery feed & smart shuffle for playlist. (TC)
  • DuckDuckGo is supposedly working on Generative AI features. (DIW)
  • Audi, Mars Nespresso to start using Attention marketplace “Adelaide” focused on attention metrics. (Adweek)
  • Etsy deals seller payments due to silicon valley collapse. (Nbcnews)
  • Telegram announces new power-saving mode. (Blog)

Content Opportunities

  • 13 March: Commonwealth Day / National Good Samaritan Day / National Jewel Day.
  • 14 March: International Ask A question Day / Science Education Day / International Day of Mathematics / National Pi Day.
  • 15 March: World Contact Day / World Speech Day / World Consumer Right’s Day.
  • 16 March : National Panda Day / Ted Lasso Season 3 / National freedom of information day.
  • 17 March : Saint Patrick’s Day / World Sleep Day / Narvik Winter Festival.
  • 18 March: Global Recycling Day / Companies that care Day / National Awkward Moments Day / Share your awkward moment that you’re audience might relate to!
  • 19 March: International Client’s Day / International read to me day / Pretzel Sunday / Share a story about your best client.

SaaS Finds of the Week

  • ChatGPT for YouTube - A chrome plugin to summarise youtube videos.
  • OnceHub - A no-code meeting scheduling platform.
  • evolv AI - Use AI to craft customer journeys & track user behaviour.
  • Conductor - A content marketing platform to track your SEO growth.
  • text Cortex - An open plugin to help you write better copy & edit your posts.

Marketing Resources of the Week

  1. Tiktok: The platform launched a new library to provide Ad insights on specific keywords .
  2. Marketing : New Marketing Spending report shows a decrease in growth regarding spending this year.
  3. SMS: A New report on state of SMS marketing, consumers are annoyed.
  4. Twitter: The platform shared new insights on capturing attention during march madness
  5. Consumer: A free report on how brands & consumers are listening to each other & what are the barriers.
  6. Social Media: How engagement across various social media platforms is dropping.

Marketing Trends Report 2023

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