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Here’s What You missed last week: Tiktok AI is coming & Pinterest Algorithm improves with new changes

Published 12 months ago • 4 min read

Marketing Updates 💽

Top 5 Updates of the Week ⏱️

  • Tiktok is testing a AI chatbot to improve user interactions with content. (TV)
  • Pinterest introduced new platform change to improve their algorithm, the linked post is complex, I will be breaking it all down next week & share a post. (medium)
  • Youtube is retiring Youtube Stories next month. (SMT)
  • Google added 3 new AI features to Search for all users to access. (Blog)
  • Twitter is asking researchers to pay $42k or delete data it gave them. (inews)
  • Microsoft published new 41 page report on How to govern AI usage, promoting safe AI usages. (JS)

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Google 🔍

  • Google expands its Digital marketing coaching program for SMBs. (GBlog)
  • Google announced new AI marketing tools for SMBs and marketers. (Blog)
  • Google top story badge replaced with Trusted store badges. (SEL)
  • Google search bug caused a huge drop in video traffic. (Video)
  • Google sitename now support subdomains on mobile. (SEL)
  • Google Bard gains images with more coming soon. (seroundtable)
  • Google Marketing Live 2023 Event recap for you. (SRL)

Tiktok 🎼

  • TikTok sues Montana to prevent the app ban in the US State. (news)
  • Adweek’s new research in how tiktok creators are not getting the same reach as before. (Week)

Instagram 📸

  • Instagram Search Ads API is now available via Instagram marketing API. (dev)
  • Instagram will soon allow you to add music to your profile. (BKh)
  • Instagram was down this week and caused people rushing to twitter. (TV)

Meta 🤖

  • Meta sells Giphy to Shutterstock. (TV)
  • Meta slashes business teams in final round of layoffs. (reuters)
  • 1.2 Billion euro fine is now issued for Facebook as a result of EUPB binding decision. (Edpb)
  • Meta introduces promotional ads for Ecommerce deals. (Adweek)
  • Meta is about to limit how it uses Ad data in UK after UK antitrust forces them. (FB)
  • Meta’s open-source speech AI recognises 4,000 global languages. (Blog)

Twitter 🐣

  • Twitter bot situation is getting out of hands. (WBA)
  • Twitter is likely to opt out of EU code against disinformation. (reuters)
  • Twitter is working on a “video for you” section to promote video content. (Nima)
  • Twitter announced a new API pricing to help startups use Twitter at a reasonable flat rate. (blog)
  • Twitter Adds new Playback speed control features for Video. (SMT)

YouTube 📼

  • Youtube shares their insights on Youtube algorithm for creators. (SL)
  • Youtube launched Quiz posts on iOS and web. (IN)
  • Youtube starts a weekly series on Intro to Live shopping. (Vid)
  • Youtube community posts feature is now available to all channels. (Insider)

LinkedIn 👨🏻‍🎨

  • LinkedIn Added 5 new Insights-backed features to Sales navigator. (LN)
  • LinkedIn launched new security features: verified job posting & message alerts. (LI)

Snapchat 😶‍🌫️

  • Snapchat reaches 200M Active users in India. (newsroom)
  • Snapchat enhanced AR try-on tools as it continues to grow its AR capabilities. (Snap)

Reddit 🍊

  • Reddit shared new insights about how new apps are discovered through daily App discussions. (redditinc)

Advertising 🪻

  • Walmart working on providing Ad creative services to advertisers of all sizes. (MA)
  • Lebron james joins Taco bell for “Taco Tuesday” trademark campaign. (SEL)
  • Disney & making a huge spark with their new campaign. (BUK)

Sales 👨‍💼

  • Amazon’s Generative AI sales playbook got leaked. (Source)

Microsoft & AI 🔋

  • Bing integrates itself with ChatGPT. (SEL)
  • Bing chat doubles chat character limit. (Read)

Pinterest 🧯

  • Many Platforms say they have Gen-Z using their app. But Pinterest shuffle is getting the real love. (Read)

Marketing 🚏

  • Discord gets custom streaming deck hardware and a big plug-in upgrade. (Dis)
  • Monday .com announces new integration with Microsoft teams. (eurogamer)
  • Neeva search engine, acquired by Snowflake after going private last week. (SEJ)
  • MrBeast’s feastables brand is now available in every 7/11 in US. (TC)
  • Peloton working on their new identity of more than a bike company. (TV)

Content Opportunities ⌨️

  • 29 May: Memorial Day / Whit Monday / World Paloma Day / National Paperclip Day / Pfingsten.
  • 30 May : National Creativity Day / SF Tech week begins / Loomis Day / World Multiple Sclerosis Day / Share your favourite creativity boosting tip.
  • 31 May : World No Tabacco Day / World Otter Day / National Smile Day / Web Designer Day / Plan an Online Hunt for your followers.
  • 1 June : Dinosaur Day / World Reef Awareness Day / World Milk Day / National Olive day / International Tabletop Day / Share youd favourite dinosaur growing up.
  • 2 June : National Fish & Chips Day / 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 / National Donut Day / Lou Gehrig Day / Post about your favourite food from UK & US.
  • 3 June : World Cider Day / World Bicycle Day / National Cancer Survivors Day / Share your best conversation that took place over a cider drinks talk.
  • 4 June : International Corgi Day / National Cheese Day / Hug your cat Day / Raise awareness about animal protection this weekend.

SaaS finds of the Week

  • Atlassian - A collaboration software for Big Teams.
  • Copper - A B2B sales CRM with an effective pricing.
  • Sprinklr - A leading Customer experience management platform adding new AI solutions.
  • Salesmango - A zero-party data platform for sales.
  • Meltwater- A leading Social media listening tool.

Marketing Resources of the week 🫨

  1. Advertising : Why Advertising CPM is decreases by 33% YoY?
  2. SEO: Aleyda Solis shares her insights on recent Google search changes.
  3. Creatives: Why a Creative director with 34 years of experience is getting out of industry.
  4. E-commerce: 5 Upcoming major trends in Retail and e-commerce.*
  5. TikTok: How Airbnb used social listening to capture the ongoing creator controversy & get free brand awareness.
  6. PR: The ultimate guide to Digital PR.

Marketing Meme of the Week

In Case You Missed it:

I wrote about how Tiktok Trends take place and what brands do to take advantage of an ongoing trend.

The first version of the post can be read here: Creating a Tiktok Trend

I’m working on adding visual examples, that’s why bookmark it for a future visual read.

Wishing you the best for week ahead, This was Jaskaran.

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