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Here’s what you missed last week: Instagram going at Twitter & Tiktok getting banned for the first time 🧃

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Marketing News 📰

Top 5 Updates of the Week 🪻

  • Meta's twitter Clone to launch in June and its already making a huge spark. (SMT)
  • New Pew Research reveals that many Twitter users might not return to app this year. (zdnet)
  • Meta’s Paid Subscription feature launches in UK, and set to launch In EU soon. (Blog)
  • Youtube revealed they generated $40B revenue last year. (news)
  • Einstein GPT from Salesforce unifying vision for high profile acquisitions. (CIO)
  • TikTok is facing first US Ban in State of Montana, and it is bad. (JS)

On the Blog: “One-Stop Guide”

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Google 🔍

  • Google Ads requirements: New Update for EEA & UK. (SEJ)
  • Google Bard now shows citations like Bing Chat. (Blog)
  • New Google AI tools will help advertisers generate media assets. (SEl)
  • Google shares new insights regarding SEO for News websites. (Video)
  • Google search page is testing new product features & breakdowns. (SEL)
  • Google Analytics 4 audience builder gets a refresh. (wo)
  • 3 new Performance Max reporting and data limitations. (SRL)

Tiktok 🎼

  • Ex-Bytedance executive says Chinese Party maintained access to US data & Tiktok also inflated engagement numbers with bots during the start. (axios)
  • Tiktok creators in montana are suing State for banning the app. (TikTok)
  • Tiktok launched a new Creator Fund for AR Effect creators on the app. (More)
  • Tiktok has a new Font called “Tiktok Sans”, Have you noticed it?(TW)
  • TikTok is testing a “location” prompt to encourage people to add locations to their posts. (SMT)

Instagram 🌸

  • Instagram launches Collaborators feature for IG broadcasts. (Zuck)
  • Third party Apps like Buffer now have access to schedule & publish Instagram stories with new API. (FB)
  • Instagram users will soon have the feature to listen audio messages out of the app. (alex)
  • Instagram comments can now be overrun by GIFs. (theverge)
  • More reels editing tools are coming to Instagram, announced at Meta India event. (FB)
  • Instagram product guides are going away in June 2023. (Source)

Meta 👨🏻‍🎨

  • Meta’s next round of layoffs to begin next week. (TV)
  • Meta can face $1 billion dollar Fine from EU over user Data transfers to US. (reuters)
  • Insights: Meta shares mew Marketing & creator guides to grow on Fb & IG. (FB)
  • Meta shares their new progress on AI development. (Meta)
  • Meta adds Lead generation tools to Facebook. (SMT)
  • Meta starts refunding advertisers for overspending glitch. (Blog)
  • Meta shares its latest VR development, Including Mark showcasing Partnership with BMV for VR. (source)
  • WhatsApp Chat lock is here to make your conversations more private. (FB)

Twitter 🐣

  • Twitter now allows blue subscribers to upload two hour long videos. (TW)
  • Top Ad group says Twitter no longer at risk after the New CEO hiring. (FT)
  • Twitter will try to rehire some of the employees Elon fired. (blog)
  • Twitter acquires new Job matching startup Laskie, Elon wants to expand twitter’s App offerings. (SMT)
  • Twitter reduced signup flow for creators for monetisation. (twitter)
  • Twitter accuses microsoft of violating its data use policy. (TV)
  • Twitter Adds new Playback speed control features for Video. (SMT)

UpFronts 2023 👨‍🎤

  • Youtube revealed new Ad offerings and had Doja Cat to hype the Brandcast event. A Recap of all is (here)
  • Warner Bros. promote their new Max advertising offers to marketers at Upront. (Brew)
  • Netflix added 5 million users to their new Ad-tier in only 200 days. (axios)
  • Besides the recent event, Data shows US Upfront Ad Spend is decreasing. (Insider)
  • Fox is trying to pitch unscripted Advertising because of WGA strike. (Brew)


  • Youtube to offer 30-seconds unskippable Ads for Connected TV. (SL)
  • Youtube’s product manager answers new questions about Youtube music. (INV)
  • Youtube added new updates to Remixes, Shorts scrubber & Super Thanks. (Vid)
  • Youtube have a new restructured Revenue page & better product tagging options. (Insider)

LinkedIn 👨‍💼

  • LinkedIn publishes new report on how Automotive marketers are using linkedIn Ads. (LN)
  • LinkedIn shares new insights into How Institutional Investors use the platform for marketing purposes. (LI)
  • LinkedIn Introduced Content Ideas Prompts in Creator Mode. (SMT)

Snapchat 😶‍🌫️

  • Snapchat's Head of Fashion partnerships spoke on how creators & Snap fuel brand authenticity. (ADweek)

Reddit 🥳

  • Reddit shared new insights about growing travel conversations & Trends on the platforms. (redditinc)
  • Reddit is focusing on its e-commerce offerings, we might see new features soon. (MC)

Advertising 🎛️

  • Tesla to start advertising after years of Elon ignoring traditional advertising methods. (MA)
  • 30% of Instacart’s revenue is from Advertising. (SEL)
  • Ikea’s new we are second best Ad is making marketers talk. (AW)
  • LL Bean is stopping social media operations to promote mental health awareness month. (MD)

Microsoft & AI 🤖

  • OpenAI launches ChatGPT iOS for plus subscribers. (SEL)
  • A recap of Open AI’s CEO hearing with lawmakers about AI future & impact. (Read)
  • Bing chat rolls out four new updates. (SEL)
  • Microsoft now rolling out new Bing chat features with chat history, mobile features and more. (MS)

Pinterest 📌

  • The platform published their new Transparency report for second half of 2022. (Read)

Marketing 📣

  • McDonalds creates Product placement hunt in movies. (adweek)
  • Twitch launches new Alerts feature to personalise streams. (eurogamer)
  • Discord partners with colin and samir to launch a community, trying to attract more creators. (tubefilter)
  • Beyonce announces new haircare line. (TC)
  • Kustomer parts ways with Meta. Last year, Meta acquired the platform for $1B. (TV)

Content Opportunities 🛠️

  • 22 May: Victoria Day / World Goth Day / World Paloma Day / Sherlock Holmes Day / Share your Unique selling point or personality trait.
  • 23 May : World Turtle Day / National Lucky Penny Day / HBO max becomes “MAX” / Share your take on streaming services vs Writers.
  • 24 May : World Product Day / Brother’s Day / International Tiara Day / National Scavenger Hunt Day / Plan an Online Hunt for your followers.
  • 25 May : Towel Day / National Wine Day / Geek Pride Day / Africa day / The Kardashians Season 3 / 100 Years of Warner Bros.
  • 26 May : World Dracula Day / 🇦🇺National Sorry Day / World Lindy Hop Day / Post about your daily breakfast ritual.
  • 27 May : World Electronic Music Awards / National Sunscreen Day / Share your favourite Electronic Music Single or Album.
  • 28 May: World Hunger Day / National Hamburger Day / Indianapolis 500 / National Brisket Day / Raise awareness about world hunger day!

SaaS of the Week: Analytics Edition

  • Fathom - Privacy friendly GA4 Alternative, the best.
  • Prisch - A German-based Privacy Analytics Platform.
  • Triple Whale - GA4 Alternative for E-commerce & DTC businesses.
  • Plausible - It is privacy friendly + suitable for freelancers & bloggers.
  • Hotjar- One of my favourite to understand analytics & user behaviour.

Marketing Resources of the Week

  1. Marketing : What is the most undervalued skill among marketers?
  2. SEO: Wix SEO discuss how the new Google changes might impact SEM.
  3. CMO : How to use ChatGPT as a CMO?
  4. AI: How Meta might improve their Ad Offerings by 3-5x with AI.
  5. Work: How World’s best companies build better focus.

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