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Here’s what you missed last week: SEO is changed, Pinterest is better again & Originality isn’t rewarded 🧃

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Your Marketing Feed

Here’s your new feed of marketing content with best wishes for Mothers Day from Fameswap.

Top 5 Updates of the Week 📣

  • Google changed 90% of SEO & marketing with new announcements at their latest event. (IO)
  • Pinterest simplified content creation process with new features, Ideas Pins have links 🥳 (Blog)
  • Meta announced Reels creators will be paid well with launch of new monetisation program. (Blog)
  • Youtube is experimenting to ban Ad blockers use with new feature. (news)
  • ChatGPT plugins and web browsing beta rolls out for Plus Users. (SEJ)
  • Elon musk names NBC prev. Advertising chief Linda Yaccarino as new CEO of Twitter. (DW)

What People at Fameswap think

Happy Mothers Day - Daniel, Fameswap 🤗

Google 🔍

  • Google Bard drops waitlist & gains search feature. Now Bard is accessible to everyone. (seroundtable)
  • Google “perspectives” integrate Reddit, Youtube & Tiktok into search results. . (Blog)
  • Google to update helpful content system algorithm in upcoming months. (SEL)
  • Google’s new “About this Image” snippet feature to help users identify images better. (Blog)
  • Google expands media buying with real-time bidding integrations. (SEL)
  • Google says Your Quality content for users, might be low-value for the web. (harsh)

Tiktok 🎼

  • TikTok launched #newmusic, a new global music discovery hub. (newsroom)
  • Tiktok’s new partnership with Smartly to improve video shopping Ad creation. (TikTok)
  • Everything you need to know about Tiktok’s upcoming event for businesses and marketers. (TW)

Instagram 🥶

  • MrBeast took Instagram by storm with his birthday giveaway post. Gains more than 7 million followers in few days. (ES)
  • Instagram is working on a new feature to ability to show others that “you’re interested in collabs”. (IGBiz)
  • Instagram is also working on ability to create posts for only close friends. (TC)

Meta 🌸

  • Meta announced new AI powered tools to make the Ad processes faster and easy. (SEJ)
  • Meta content review partner Sama told by court to pay moderators. (FB)
  • Insights: Meta shares the process of how AI helping the Ad platform to do better job. (TB)
  • Meta’s new AI image studying model is going to do wonders when integrated within IG & FB. (Meta)
  • WhatsApp and stripe partner to help Singapore businesses accept payments in the chats. (Blog)
  • Meta launched new report on impact of metaverse & its economic potential. (source)
  • Meta shares their take on Canada’s online news act. (FB)
  • US Bank & Meta’s new partnership to provide financial support to API-owned businesses. (Read)

Twitter 🐣

  • Twitter launches Encrypted messages, but available to verified users only. (TW)
  • Twitter plans to remove and archive inactive accounts. (BBC)
  • Twitter announced DM replies & added new emojis for messaging. (blog)
  • Twitter expands voice messages access to more users & regions. (Devs)
  • Elon musk takes role as CTO to look after development elements of. (twitter)
  • Tucker Carlson is planning to launch a new Twitter version of his show on the platform. (TV)

YouTube 🎛️

  • Audio-only podcasts on youtube are struggling. (Blog)
  • Youtube adds new features for creators to use Youtube music for content. (View)
  • Youtube adds new pinning feature & expiring posts on android. (Watch)
  • Youtube’s product manager answers new questions about Youtube music. (INV)

LinkedIn 👨🏻‍🎨

  • LinkedIn lays off 700 employees and shuts down operations in China. (LN)
  • LinkedIn makes new changes to connections feature with new policy for restricted accounts. (LI)

Snapchat 😶‍🌫️

  • Snapchat launches new AR filters to celebrate 10 years of Daft Punk’s iconic album. (TV)
  • Snapchat Influencer launched an AI cloned ‘Virtual girlfriend’ and plans to charge for curing loneliness. (nbc)

Reddit 🪻

  • Reddit introducing NSFW desktop image, ahead of Imgur’s ban situation. (redditinc)

Advertising 🔬

  • Amazon plans to generate photos and Videos for advertisers using AI. (MB)
  • Amazon pursues in-game shopping with amazon anywhere. (BI)
  • Uber launches Global Media agency review for $600M account. (adweek)
  • Disney Advertising sets up DEI-centric branded content partners . (AW)

Microsoft 👨‍💼

  • Bing chat gains image answers with knowledge cards and optimised answers. (SEL)
  • Microsoft launches Ads API for Chats, to help advertisers optimise for Bing Chat. (MS)

Marketing 🧯

  • Twitch’s new clips editor focuses on content distribution by making streamers repost the clips to Youtube. (TB)
  • BMW’s marketing strategy is going back to Movie-focused marketing. (Adweek)
  • Wix launched Wix Headless focused on helping devs and businesses. (SEJ)
  • Shopify sells 6 river systems to new owners. (TC)
  • Oatly’s new genius marketing campaign is taking over the internet with organic reshares of the billboard. (TV)
  • Online prices continue to drop suggested by latest data from Adobe. (Link)
  • Woocommerce 7.7.0 brings multichannel marketing out of Beta. (WP)

Content Opportunities

  • 15 May: International Day of Families / National Chocolate Chip Day / Share your favorite chocolate cookie place in X city.
  • 16 May : Cannes Film Festival / National Barbecue Day / Drawing Day / National Waiters Day / Share your favorite barbecue place or hot take on film festival.
  • 17 May : World Stationery Day / World Hypertension Day / World Baking Day / World Telecommunications Day / Ask your followers to do a baking show off.
  • 18 May : HIV vaccine awareness Day / Vatertag (Germany) / International museum Day / Global accessiblity awareness day / Showcase importance of Alt text.
  • 19 May : International Nurses Day / International Day of Plant Health / International Virtual assistants Day / share your favorite NASCAR moment.
  • 20 May : World Whisky Day / International Hummus Day / World Bee Day / World Fiddle Day / International Clinical Trials Day.
  • 21 May: International Tea Day / World Meditation Day / National Talk like a Yoda Day / Share your best tea options you like.

SaaS of the week

  • Quizgecko - Create Brand Quizzes to understand your buyers.
  • Fameswap - Most Trusted marketplace to buy social media presence.*
  • Drip - One of the most trusted email marketing tool for E-commerce.
  • smartly - Get better data and insights about your paid media campaigns.
  • CloudConvert- A free platform to convert your files into different formats.

Marketing Resources of the week 🌟

  1. Advertising : How gender diversity plays in Advertising better to people.
  2. Tiktok: A new report on growing Tiktok Sport Trends within the app.
  3. Social Media : Sprout social published their yearly report about best times to post on social.
  4. Harvard: Why Marketers are going back to Traditional Marketing.
  5. Strategy: What are new strategy trends for AI, Tiktok and others?

AI & Original Content: Do you need original content in 2023?

Content needs to be creative, not original

Originality comes from taking risks and doing things most are afraid to talk about!

Creativity is sparked from the originality of someone who took the risk to create or talk about X.

In practice, I recently saw IKEA’s new marketing campaign with great storytelling.

Now every marketer is talking about it. And they are breaking down how this type of silent storytelling is used to connect with the audience.

The one who Pointed the campaign out is less beneficial from all the trends. Then, one or many break it down showcasing their creative skills.

Original content or Originality is hard to scale. Creativity isn’t. When we compare both of them.

Another clear example is my post “Social is dead; only media left”. The statement I made in the post sparked the creativity of other publications to write about it and talk to these social media brands.

But the reader never reached the origins of that statement. Because originality creates little sparks many times went unnoticed.

The Aim to scale your content on the internet is to create more creative content and find origins that help you build those creative posts & campaigns.

Another practical Idea comes from Google’s John Mueller. His statement was a little harsh and unethical to say because his words affect Google’s image.

He said, “High-quality content does not mean, it will do well on the web.”

Now you have to be creative in a way to adapt to the web, social media & People. Honestly, a very hard thing to do.

But again we are not seeking originality. We are seeking creativity. After you get the idea of talking about an original idea in a creative way.

Like Copywriters did to talk about IKEA’s new campaign.

Seek the creativity to find the ideas, concepts, and frameworks on the web you like and also are adapted to perform well on these search engines & other platforms.

Don’t fall for the originality, the Probability of that content scaling is low. But when that does, it is always good.

I like to do that because I love taking risks to do better marketing for my clients. But when you want to play safe, seek creativity to create content that is personalized for an Ideal audience creatively.

Only accessible to you and nobody else. Made for the people that need your business.

- Jaskaran Saini

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