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Here’s What You Missed Last Week: Instagram promises More Reach, Tiktok Ban in EU & Google’s New Update 🧃

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Marketing Updates 🧃

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Top 5 Updates of the Week:

  • Meta is launched Paid Subscriptions for Facebook & Instagram. (Mosseri)
  • Google announced sixth product reviews update this week. (Check)
  • EU commission bans Tiktok From staff work devices. (BW)
  • LinkedIn will soon give users ability to choose their content viewing preferences. (SEL)
  • Podcasts are coming to Youtube Music. (gms)

This isn’t Ad, It’s only me!

Google 🔍

  • Google updates guidance on helpful content system and discover traffic. (Blog)
  • Google Ads Performance Max adds Brand exclusions, Page Feeds, Video Creation & More. (Seroundtable)
  • Google search console and permissions management updated. (SEL)
  • Google Adsense Site Management changes coming March 20th. (Post)
  • Google’s Gary illyes on Noindex with redirects. (Blog)

Tiktok 🎼

  • Tiktok announced new brand safety and suitability partners. (News)
  • Tiktok is under Investigation by Canadian privacy regulators. (Reuters)
  • Tiktok expands access to it’s research API for independent researchers. (Tweet)
  • Tiktok launched new type of creator fund “Creativity Program Beta”. (Blog)
  • Tiktok Integrations with cars are coming, starting with Mercedes-Benz. (TC)
  • Snoop dogg made his music exclusively available for Tiktok creators with new partnership with his label. (News)

Instagram ❤️

  • Instagram testing User location listings on reels clips. (SMT)
  • Instagram is testing Snooze Suggested posts & Reels Watch time feature. (DIW)
  • Instagram is working on ability to request Desired Username for your account & making help requests more accessible. (Matt)
  • Instagram testing a Feature to inform users when they get followers from a specific reel. (On my radar)
  • Trend: Many users are currently experiencing Algorithm changes as they have seen drop in IG reels engagement up-to 20% lesser reach than before.

Meta ⚗️

  • You can get access of Meta’s Paid subscription by joining the waitlist. (Here)
  • Meta Tests Product Promotions in IG group chats. (SMT)
  • Meta Highlights how they are working on improving Facebook’s penalty system. (Blog)
  • WhatsApp is also supposedly working on a newsletter feature. (WAB)
  • Meta is going big on AI again, introduced a new large language model LLaMA. (Read)

Twitter 🐣

  • Twitter internally cuts off access to slack for employees and also owes stack money for the service. (mashable)
  • Twitter alert users if a community note have been added to a tweet they liked. (News)
  • Twitter is working on the ability to remove followers like IG. (Tweet)
  • Elon said Twitter will open source its algorithm next week. (Insider)

YouTube 📼

  • Youtube begins testing 1080p premium stream option on mobile app. (gsmarena)
  • Youtube users can now build custom radio stations. (TB)
  • Youtube expanded access to let creators dub videos in multi-languages. (daily)
  • Youtube adds more Shorts performance insights, updated chat moderation role. (SMT)

LinkedIn 👨‍💼

  • LinkedIn Announced new Feed Features, Newsletter Scheduling & One-click subscribe for newsletters. (Blog)

Snapchat 😶‍🌫️

  • Snapchat rolls out new sounds feature to make content creation easier. (TC)
  • A look into Snapchat’s Investors Day presentation. (Blog)

Pinterest 📌

  • Pinterest partnered with UC Berkeley Center for a research about affects of Pinterest on consumers. (Read)

Marketing 🚀

  • Microsoft Advertising unveils lodging solutions, and adds 11 new Google imports market for Smart Campaigns. (SEL)
  • Clubhouse launched new feature called “Mutuals” to make networking easy during calls. (Read)
  • Twitch launches “experimenting hub” to inform creators what they are working on. (TV)
  • IPG media-brands wins Geico’s $1.4 Billion media review. (Adweek)
  • Walmart Ad sales hit $2.7B as executives eye greater scale. (MD)
  • What Podcasting industry slowdown means for advertisers. (MD)

Insider Insight: Meta told advertisers & Investors that new subscription model will not affect the Ad business model or impact how Ads work now.

Content Opportunities

  • 27 February: International Polar Bear Day / World NGO Day / Pokemon Day / World Sustainable Energy Day.
  • 28 February: Global Scouse Day / Rare Diseases Day / National Science Day / Share a post about different Language speaking team members.
  • 1 March: World Compliment Day / National Barista Day / National Wedding Planning Day / Women’s History Month Begins.
  • 2 March : World Teen mental health Day / World Book day / International Rescue a cat day.
  • 3 March : World Wildlife Day / World Hearing Day / International Irish Whiskey Day.
  • 4 March: World Obesity Day / International Scrappingbook Industry Day / National Sons Day / Share your favourite moment with Family.
  • 5 March: National Absinthe Day / International Open Data Day/ World Info Architecture Day / Share how your business protects user data.

SaaS Finds of the Week

  • Descript - To transcribe your video content & add captions to it.
  • Marketer Hire - A platform to help you find better marketers.
  • Attentive - One of the leading SMS marketing platform.
  • Zemanta - A demand-side platform for engagement & performance.
  • Prezly- A PR platform for e-commerce brands.

Marketing Resources of the Week

  1. Meta : The platform published its Q4 2022 Widely Viewed Content Report.
  2. Advertising : A Free Resource For Beginners in Advertising to learn terms.
  3. Pinterest : Understanding Pinterest’s Business Model.
  4. Marketing: A free report by McKinsey on Business personalization to help marketers.
  5. Social Ads : A free swipe file for you to find inspiration for social media Ads.

Best Posts from r/marketingcurated

It was a rough week for our community. On a good week, I was thinking of crossing 4k this week. But we have another week in front of us.

Let’s go, Here are the most valuable posts from our community:

  1. Martech Map 2022
  2. Insights about CMOs
  3. Facebook Ads Tips shared by a member
  4. Building a winning brand positioning statement
  5. The 4Rs of Useful Buyer Personas

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