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Here’s What you missed last week: Facebook Removal Times, Tiktok Refreshing & ChatGPT 4 Trends 🧃

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Marketing Updates ↗️

Top 5 Updates of the Week

  • Tiktok launched “Feed Refresh” feature for all users to start a new content feed . (Platform)
  • ChatGPT 4 was launched this week & the trend around it is growing. (Check)
  • The case of Tiktok getting Banned In US will get more strong, if Bytedance don’t sell their share in Tiktok . (NPR)
  • Google March 2023 Broad Core Update is Live. (Seroundtable)
  • Meta launches Paid Subscriptions on Instagram and Facebook in the US. (TC)

Google 🔍

  • Google announces new “Prohibited Use Policy” for AI Products & content. (News)
  • New Google Analytics item-scoped custom dimensions. (Blog)
  • Google enhances Healthcare Info access for US searchers. (SEJ)
  • 5 new updates to Google Adsense Auto Ads. (Post)
  • Google announces use of AI in Google Drive, Docs & Gmail. (Blog)
  • Google product listing ads to allow faster Electric Bikes. (table

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Tiktok 🎼

  • Tiktok and MLS enter multiyear partnership to preview more MLS content on the platform. (News)
  • Tiktok’s Ex-Head of Product said The platform didn’t launch $2B fund for creators, it was for their own business. (HR)
  • Tiktok now banned on governmental devices in New Zealand. (CNN)
  • Tiktok introduced a new STEM feed on PiDay for teenagers. (SEJ)

Instagram 🥘

  • Instagram’s Co-founder did a new Podcast Interview and said IG is losing its touch. (Listen Podcast)
  • Instagram and Facebook are giving up focus & support for NFTs to focus on other elements of business. (Engadget)
  • Instagram is testing a new “Top 3” story sticker. (SMT)
  • Upcoming: A new Instagram feature to go live for only followers you follow back. (Alex)

Meta 🚚 (removal time)

  • Meta cuts off 10,000 employees & shared the vision of being more efficient this year. (BBC)
  • Meta is getting rid of Mentorships in Facebook Groups from March 27. (Here)
  • Meta is working on a new verification feature to verify your account with missed call. (devs)
  • Meta is all set to remove Audio channels from Facebook Groups. (Blog)
  • A new Safety center for journalists to learn about content publishing on Platforms. (FB)
  • Facebook is shutting down online paid events feature from 8 May. (Read)
  • Meta to end news Access for Canadians if new act passes. (reuters)
  • WhatsApp working on ability to allow group admins approve new participants to control the group. (India)

Twitter 🐣

  • Twitter now shows everyone “Bookmark count” for your tweets. (Pocket)
  • Elon musk said Usage of AI will happen on twitter to stop manipulation of users in Twitter. (wired)
  • Twitter users will soon have ability to opt out of Ads for specific Ad Types. (Leak)
  • Twitter working on a feature to get reminders for a tweet, a similar feature to reddit’s “Subscribe to this Post”. (SMT)
  • Twitter working on “Why You’re seeing this tweet” feature to inform users about their interests. (Elon)
  • This week: Twitter will charge 2FA verification fee to verify your account from Monday (20th March)

YouTube 📼

  • Youtube will allow you to add Youtube Shorts thumbnails on iOS. (blog)
  • Youtube adds new metrics for multi-language audio & feature for Shorts Audio page sharing. (Creator news)
  • Youtube launches Multi-view for Youtube TV Users. (Blog)

Snapchat 😶‍🌫️

  • Snapchat adds new content controls to its parental control feature. (values)

LinkedIn 👨‍💼

  • LinkedIn launched new AI features like profile summary feature, Job description & more. (Read)
  • LinkedIn launched “Podcast Academy” to help podcasters to do better at it.(blog)

Reddit 🎃

  • Reddit was down for more than 5 hours this week across all formats. (engadget)

Pinterest 📌

  • Pinterest adds new safety features for users after NBC news investigation. (news)
  • Pinterest & Northwestern Mutual partner to do a content partnership for financial content on platform. (Blog)
  • A Interview with Pinterest Country manager you need to read. (MWC)
  • Pinterest partners with Dotdash Meredith on exclusive video content deal. (Blog)

Microsoft 👨🏻‍🎨

  • Microsoft Bing AI is available for everyone, waitlist is gone. (central)
  • Microsoft shares 5-started prompts for Bing AI. (SEL)
  • Microsoft Doctor and Clinic Ads are now available in Open beta. (Blog)
  • Microsoft adds AI tools to Outlook, Word & other apps. (AP)

Marketing 🎉

  • Discord adds 16 new themes for Nitro subscribers. (PCmag)
  • Semrush ended 2022 with 95k customers & 35% increase in revenue. (Read)
  • Netflix is Reviewing its Ad strategy considering ‘build or buy’. (DD)
  • Initiative named Adweek Global media agency of the year. (Adweek)
  • Roku, Bestbuy promises greater CTV precision through retail media pact. (MD)
  • Discord reverses policy changes after AI backlash. (GS)
  • How Brands are advertising ahead of Ramadan. (thedrum)
  • A new Highlight on marketing strategy is most underrated skill. (week)
  • FTC is asking social media platforms & streaming services info on misleading Ads. (Blog)

Content Opportunities

  • 20 March: International Day of Happiness / World Storytelling Day / French Language Day /
  • 21 March: World Puppetry Day / World Poetry Day / International Fragrance Day / World Down Syndrome Day / International Day of Forests
  • 22 March: World Water Day / First Day of Ramadan / Share what your brand beliefs are regarding climate change.
  • 23 March : World Meteorological Day / National Puppy Day / Atheist Day / Share your favourite dog moments.
  • 24 March : World Tuberculosis Day / Flatmate’s Day / John Wick 4 Premiere / Share your crazy flatmate story.
  • 25 March: International Waffle Day / Greek Independence Day / Earth Hour / Tolkien Reading Day.
  • 26 March: Purple Day / Good Hair day / Pretzel Sunday / Live long and prosper Day / National Neighbour Day / Ask your neighbour to rate your product.

SaaS Finds of the Week

  • Outgrow - A new tool to use quizzes, calculators & interactive elements for marketing your biz.
  • zenkit - All-in-one solution for stellar team work, great alternative to Clickup.
  • Ortto - A customer data platform to track & build customer journey.
  • Hotjar - A web-analytics platform to understand your users better.
  • Stability- My new favourite AI platform for text to image.

Marketing Resources of the Week

  1. Twitter: The platform launched a new video marketing course for marketers.
  2. E-commerce: A post describing role of EEAT in E-commerce.
  3. Snapchat : A search engine to discover Snapchat trends.
  4. Advertising : A new report shows Advertising revenue Hits 5 year low.
  5. Tech : Gartner’s new post on Tech Marketing.
  6. Pinterest : How I became Senior Lead Creative Strategist at Pinterest.

Instagram Vs Tiktok Strategy

This week I published a new blog on what are the differences between Tiktok & Instagram strategy.

Also tried to capture every Element we can compare between Tiktok & Instagram to make the most out of both platforms.

You can read the full post here!

I certainly hope this read will help you build a new perspective regarding using both platforms differently.

A Creator Shared her Insights after Talking To Instagram

You can find her video with my insights linked here. There are few basic & ridiculous insights mentioned in the video. No hate for the creator, but Instagram only shares with creators & marketers what they want to share.

It’s quite hard to get anything out of Instagram creator meetings. But we also have to remember understanding algorithm is only 5% of overall social media strategy.

Other Resources I found this week

  1. The version one - You can find first versions of your favourite digital products & websites.
  2. knowledgeHunt - A free Library filled with startup resources to help you scale your new biz

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