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Here’s what you missed last week: Facebook & IG are growing + Tiktok’s E-commerce American dream is here and more juice 🧃

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Marketing Updates 🪫

Top 5 Updates of the Week

  • Facebook’s Ad system went nuts & ate complete budgets of various customers this week. (Gizmodo)
  • Bluesky, twitter rival is making huge sparks with many people joining the platform. (Blog)
  • Youtube provides new information on using Music on Youtube for content without getting copyright violations. (YT)
  • Instagram is testing a new UGC content feature to help businesses add UGC to their profiles. (news)
  • Snapchat added 8 million new users in Q1 2023 but failed to reach-revenue goals. (SMT)

*Upvoted Resource of the week: Dash Hudson

PS: I just tried, I’m replacing my existing tool with this one.

Google 🔍

  • Google April 2023 reviews update is finished rolling out. (sel)
  • Google Analytics to show UA3 data for a year after it stops collecting data on july 1,2023. (Blog)
  • Google to add new changes to Ads policy for dangerous products & services. (SEJ)
  • Google is testing a golden badge for well-known and verified advertisers. (Blog)
  • Google Ads API version 13.1 now available. (SEL)
  • Google Search Earning report reveals where the search & SEO world is going, have a read. (SEJ)
  • Google now supports 50 countries for return applicable country property. (SER)

Tiktok 🎼

  • TikTok’s Creative Exchange “UGC program” is becoming revenue grabber for creators. (Ads)
  • Tiktok shop, most anticipated e-commerce feature available in Beta . (SEL)
  • Tiktok’s AI generated profile picture feature is coming to the platform. (cnn)

Instagram 🥶

  • Instagram is testing songs in Photo carousels. (TV)
  • Instagram leaks show the platform working on a new feature to add story captions. (Alex)
  • Meta’s new fusion of Instagram and twitter is now up for user testing. It is called “Barcelona”. IG for your thoughts. (Leaks)

Meta 📊

  • Meta adds new changes to Shopping Ads, looking to provide the whole buyer journey within the app. (Blog)
  • Meta’s Animated Avatars get a new update with huge improvements, 2.0 is here. (FB)
  • Facebook Watch is sunsetting Originals as head of development and programming leaves. (TB)
  • WhatsApp’s local chat transfer feature is almost here. (Blog)
  • You can now use same WhatsApp account on 5 different phones and devices simultaneously. (source)

Key Insights from Meta’s Earning Report:

  • Looking to double the amount of AI-based content recommendations on their platforms.
  • Meta says About 10% global Ad revenue is at risk fr EU data flow orders & changes.
  • There were concerns regarding reels Ads, still the nature of new format is not delivering the best results for advertisers.
  • The time spent on reels tab increased from 20% in Q4 2022 to 24% in Q1.
  • During Earnings call, Mark mentioned that they have increased focus on AI products & development.
  • Revenue is Up, user engagement too. Whi said Meta was dying?

Twitter 🐣

  • Twitter announced algorithm boosts helpful community notes by 10%. (tweet)
  • Twitter to allow publishers & bloggers to charge users on per article basis. (Source)
  • Twitter working continuously on giving free badges to many established user. (blog)
  • Twitter Advertising is now possible with only Twitter Blue Subscriptions. (SMT)
  • Twitter is answering more to government requests since the Elon musk takeover. (SMT)

YouTube 📼

  • Youtube launches new content series “culture & trends” to help creators discover new trends. (Youtube)
  • Podcasts now live on Youtube music and background listening is free now. (Blog)
  • Youtube studio now allows you to handle copyright actions through mobile app. (Watch)
  • Youtube unveils AI-powered Music Ads to target growing Audio loving Gen-Zs. (Read)

LinkedIn 👨🏻‍🎨

  • LinkedIn adds new custom CTA buttons on LinkedIn premium profiles. (SMT)

Snapchat 📸

  • Snapchat hatred among users increase since the launch of Snap My AI to all users. (newsroom)
  • Snapchat’s another Quarter with unreachable revenue predictions. (variety)

Pinterest 📌

  • Pinterest announces long-term partnership with amazon Ads to add more shoppable Ads to the platform. (Blog)
  • Pinterest first Quarter 2023 results are here. (Newsroom)

Reddit 🍊

  • Reddit tests discord-line chat channels for sub-reddits. (tribune)
  • Reddit hires another former Meta Exec to their marketing team. (Adweek)

Advertising 📰

  • Disney & Spotify collaborate to promote Disney+ offerings. (MB)
  • The new Milk Ad with Aubrey plaza is causing a spark within the food industry. (BI)
  • Amazon cloud and Ads sales rise but online remains flat. (BBC)

Microsoft 👨‍💼

  • Microsoft search and advertising revenue up 3.4% in Q1. (SEL)
  • Microsoft teams now have snapchat lenses for video calls. (MS)
  • Microsoft Edge caught giving data to Bing about sites you visit. (Mezha)

Marketing 💸

  • New ChatGPT plugins allow Internet browsing and other features. (SEJ)
  • Europe named brands like pinterest, Tiktok, wikipedia and 16 others that must report algorithmic risks under DSA. (TC)
  • Brave search goes solo for search indexing, ditches Bing Index. (thurrott)
  • Picsart launches discord server with new AI image generator bot. (PP)
  • Ikea launches small business loyalty program. (Info)
  • ChatGPT ban ends in Italy. (goodn)

Content Opportunities

  • 1 May: May Day / International workers Day / School Principals day / Global Love Day / Lei Day / share your May month throwback.
  • 2 May : International Harry Potter Day / World Asthma Day / National Teacher Day / Share your favorite harry potter meme.
  • 3 May : Write a review Day / Press Freedom Day / National Paranormal Day / Ask your followers to leave a review.
  • 4 May : Star Wars Day / K.I.N.D Day / International Firefighters day / World Password Day / Try to use a star wars dialogue to promote your business.
  • 5 May : National Space Day / International Midwives Day / International Tuba Day / Nail Day.
  • 6 May : International No Diet Day / Join Hands Day / Wildfire community preparedness Day / No Homework Day.
  • 7 May: World laughter Day / National Tourism Day / Share your favourite travel or all-time food and eat it

SaaS Finds of the Week

  • Mixpanel - Most loved CRM by product marketers.
  • Dash Hudson - They launched new Ai-powered social listening tool.*
  • Air HQ - A tool to help you create better creatives for your campaigns.
  • krisp - Use AI to remove noise from your online meetings.
  • Benable- A great platform to share lists with your team and friends.

Marketing Resources of the week

  1. TikTok: A new guide from TikTok to help you run better creator/influencer campaigns on the platform.
  2. TV: A report on State of viewership and how Tiktok is influencing it.
  3. Advertising: A guide to paid Google Ads published by Anya Gildner.
  4. Video : A new interview with Justin Halsall talking about using video for marketing purposes.
  5. Trends: Pinterest’s new Wedding Trends Report 2023 in partnership with Zola.
  6. Media Business: I loved this analysis of where media world is heading.

Jaskaran’s Insights of the Week

Understanding people is the biggest job of a marketer and that is why you need to be good at creating buyer personas. But most buyer persona creation guides are same.

I tried to share some new key insights & strategies on building better buyer personas:

Creating Buyer Personas: What Matters in them?

The other two insights are quick bites & personal beliefs on marketing & branding.

I wrote about how Burger King integrated their brand in netflix’s new show “Beef”.

You can read it on my blog or join the reddit discussion on r/netflix.

And at last you can read why I allegedly said talking to consumers can be harmful in strategy building. Read it here

Data Chart of the Week

Early targeting of Gen-Z consumers on snapchat is something. Ads to change the POV of newly developing audiences in US.

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