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Here’s What You Missed In February 2023: Instagram’s Paid Route, Google’s New AI Vision & Tiktok changing the game 🧃

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Marketing Recap of February 2023 ❤️

Marketers can you believe it? Another month passed & this one was a hectic. IG reach changes, AI & Elon’s New Twitter Route.

It’s time to go over all of them.

Tiktok 🎼

  • Tiktok added updated policies for creators with new account enforcement system. (Blog)
  • Tiktok opens a new transparency theatre to showcase their practices. (BL)
  • Tiktok is testing Refresh, A new feature to refresh your “For You” page algorithm. (Blog)
  • Tiktok introduces 4 new ways to quickly promote your content on its platform. (BL)
  • Tiktok planning to open 2 more data centres in EU amid Privacy Concerns. (Blog)
  • Tiktok launched Tiktok Trivia Happening 22-26 February with $500k Prize Pool. (Blog)
  • Tiktok is launching dedicated feeds for specific topics like Food, Fashion and gaming. (DIW)
  • Tiktok announced new brand safety and suitability partners. (News)
  • Tiktok expands access to it’s research API for independent researchers. (Tweet)
  • Tiktok launched new type of creator fund “Creativity Program Beta”. (Blog)
  • Tiktok Integrations with cars are coming, starting with Mercedes-Benz. (TC)

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Instagram 🔮

  • Instagram Notes are now available to users in Europe & Japan. (TC)
  • Instagram expands Gifts to all creators in United States. (Check)
  • Instagram tests “Memory” prompts to increase user engagement. (SMT)
  • Instagram launched WhatsApp like “Channel Broadcasts” for Creators & Brands, You can join waitlist. (Mosseri)
  • Instagram is getting rid of live shopping this month. (TV)
  • Meta is launched Paid Subscriptions for Facebook & Instagram. (Mosseri)
  • Instagram testing User location listings on reels clips. (SMT)

Google 🔍

  • Google Updates Search Console Video Editing Report. (Read)
  • Google does a major refresh of The Cononicalization Help Documentation. (Seroundtable)
  • Google had it’s new AI Bot “Bard” in Google Paris Event, you can visit the link to get a recap of event. (Read)
  • New Updates to Google’s Gambling & games policy. (Post)
  • Google Ads API Version 13.0 Now Available. (seroundtable )
  • 3 new Google Analytics were announced last week. (SEL)
  • Google search people cards now visible in US. (Seroundtable)
  • Google Ads launch new CTV Advertising features. (Post)
  • Google announced sixth product reviews update for e-commerce. (Check)
  • Google updates guidance on helpful content system and discover traffic. (Blog)
  • Google Ads Performance Max adds Brand exclusions, Page Feeds, Video Creation & More. (Seroundtable)
  • Google search console and permissions management updated. (SEL)

Meta 🧙‍♀️

  • Meta shared 2022 Earning Report & It’s vision for 2023. (Reddit)
  • Meta delays setting team budgets as it plans to cut more employees. (Post)
  • Whatsapp working on new feature to transcribe audio messages to text. (Read)
  • Meta’s adds more data to “Why Am I seeing this Ad” prompts, to increase Ad Transparency. (Blog)
  • Meta is Rolling out Meta work accounts for Limited businesses in 2023. (Read)
  • Meta is launched Paid Subscriptions for Facebook & Instagram. (Mosseri)
  • Meta Tests Product Promotions in IG group chats. (SMT)
  • Meta Highlights how they are working on improving Facebook’s penalty system. (Blog)
  • WhatsApp is also supposedly working on a newsletter feature. (WAB)

Twitter 🐣

  • Twitter will share Ad revenue with Twitter Blue Creators. (Read)
  • Twitter Blue expands to six new countries brings back space curations. (TC)
  • Twitter ends Co-Tweets, collaborative feature. (TV)
  • Elon wants to charge $1,000 per month to companies to retain blue checkmarks. (Variety)
  • Twitter tests expanded emoji reaction options in DMs. (SMT)
  • Twitter will charge developers for API access from now on. (Devs)
  • Twitter tests new quick boost option for tweets. (SMT)
  • Twitter Blue introduces 4,000 character tweets, says half tweet ads are coming. (TC)
  • Twitter will limit 2FA Feature to Twitter Blue Subscribers only from March 20,2023. (Tweet)
  • Ads for cannabis are now allowed on Twitter. (SEL)
  • Elon promises more positive changes coming to Twitters Ad Platform. (Tweet)
  • Twitter internally cuts off access to slack for employees and also owes stack money for the service. (mashable)
  • Twitter to alert users if a community note have been added to a tweet they liked. (News)

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YouTube 📼

  • Youtube launched new Comment Filters to make creators find previous comments easier & one other visualisation update. (Announcement)
  • Youtube will allow advertisers to place ads during videos on specific time stamps. It’s game changing! (Google)
  • Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki Is setting down. (Announcement)
  • Youtube adds Feature to reply to comments with Shorts like Tiktok. (SMT)
  • Youtube announced new commercial Music licensing resource for creators. (Blog)
  • Podcasts are coming to Youtube Music. (gms)
  • Youtube begins testing 1080p premium stream option on mobile app. (gsmarena)
  • Youtube users can now build custom radio stations. (TB)
  • Youtube expanded access to let creators dub videos in multi-languages. (daily)
  • Youtube adds more Shorts performance insights, updated chat moderation role. (SMT)

Snapchat 😶‍🌫️

  • Snapchat added 12 Million Users in Q4 2022 but failed to meet revenue predictions. (News)
  • Snapchat now has more than 2 million paid subscriptions. (TC)
  • Snapchat to Use Ray Tracing to Make AR lenses more realistic. (DIW)
  • Snapchat rolls out new sounds feature to make content creation easier. (TC)
  • A look into Snapchat’s Investors Day presentation. (Blog)

Pinterest 📌

  • Pinterest Announces new video collaboration with Publisher Condé Nast. (Room)
  • Pinterest shares slip on Q4 2022 revenue and weak forecast. (Read)
  • Pinterest is testing 5 Minutes length for Idea Pins. (Reddit )
  • Pinterest relaunches Pinterest e-learning Academy. (Tweet)
  • Pinterest partnered with UC Berkeley Center for a research about affects of Pinterest on consumers. (Read)

LinkedIn 👨‍💼

  • LinkedIn Announced new Feed Features, Newsletter Scheduling & One-click subscribe for newsletters. (Blog)
  • LinkedIn will soon give users ability to choose their content viewing preferences. (SEL)
  • Microsoft’s LinkedIn layed off Staff amid hiring slowdown. (TheInfo)
  • LinkedIn added new Features to make newsletters grow faster & easy-to-subscribe. (Post)

Marketing 🗣️

  • Microsoft discontinues bid modifier for audience ads. (Blog)
  • Open AI launched Tutorials site + New Subscription plans for ChatGPT. (Chat)
  • Amazons Ad business grew by 19% last quarter more than Google & Microsoft. (Adweek)
  • Pepsi’s new starry drink to target Gen-Z with it’s branding. (Blog)
  • Yahoo shutters SSP & narrows focus on Ad buyers. (TC)
  • Wendy’s first to test Roku, Doordash deal around shoppable TV Ads. (MD)
  • Getty images sues stability AI for copyright infringement. (SEJ)
  • Twitter rival Mastodon shows declined growth despite the regular concerns about twitter. (SEL)
  • Microsoft’s New Bing is planning on Bringing AI Ads soon. (Check)
  • Spotify will launch a Tiktok like feed for it’s users to get more user engagement. (Bloomberg)
  • Reddit Ads now support five new currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD. (Read)
  • Discord’s Stage Channel just got a major update. (TB)
  • Twitch now lets streamers tag channels in Stream titles. (TV)
  • Microsoft Advertising unveils lodging solutions, and adds 11 new Google imports market for Smart Campaigns. (SEL)
  • Clubhouse launched new feature called “Mutuals” to make networking easy during calls. (Read)
  • Twitch launches “experimenting hub” to inform creators what they are working on. (TV)
  • Walmart Ad sales hit $2.7B as executives eye greater scale. (MD)

Top Marketing Resources I discovered last month 🧬📖

  1. Tiktok: The platform shared tips for advertising during Super Bowl.
  2. PPC: Search Engine land shared their new updated guide to PPC marketing.
  3. Trends: Litmus shared new report on Email Engagement Trends.
  4. Tiktok: Tiktok explained its Video insights for Advertisers.
  5. DTC: These are the best DTC Brands to watch out in 2023.
  6. LinkedIn : The platform shared a new guide on B2B marketing KPIs.
  7. Reddit: Reddit shared new insights on Financial communities on platform.
  8. Marketing: How marketers are changing goals to loyalty.
  9. B2B: How B2B marketing is changing in 2023.
  10. TikTok : How Gorton’s Seafood is using tiktok for a product launch.
  11. Tiktok : The platform shared new insights on Tiktok Advertising reportedly 70,000 new insights have been added.
  12. Google: The platform shared new guide on “Best Link Practices”.
  13. LinkedIn : The platform launched New Workspace Learning Report 2023.
  14. Tiktok: A free Tiktok Trends Report of Last Week about Hooks, Story Framing & Trends.
  15. Product : A free Product launch guide for First-time startup founders.
  16. Meta : The platform published its Q4 2022 Widely Viewed Content Report.
  17. Advertising : A Free Resource For Beginners in Advertising to learn terms.
  18. Pinterest : Understanding Pinterest’s Business Model.
  19. Marketing: A free report by McKinsey on Business personalization to help marketers.
  20. Social Ads : A free swipe file for you to find inspiration for social media Ads.

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