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Here’s What You Missed Last Week: Old Instagram is back but with a new fusion & Tiktok is going to change Short-form content again! 🧃

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Marketing Updates ⏰

Top 5 Updates of the Week

  • Instagram launched WhatsApp like “Channel Broadcasts” for Creators & Brands, You can join waitlist. (Mosseri)
  • Microsoft’s New Bing is planning on Bringing AI Ads soon. (Check)
  • Tiktok planning to open 2 more data centres in EU amid Privacy Concerns. (Blog)
  • Snapchat reached 750 Million Monthly Active Users. (SMT)
  • Google Ads API Version 13.0 Now Available. (seroundtable )

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Google 🔍

  • Google mobile tests search menu on left side bar. (Blog)
  • 3 new Google Analytics were announced last week. (SEL)
  • Google search people cards now visible in US. (Seroundtable)
  • Google Ads launch new CTV Advertising features. (Post)
  • Google Advises to stop using 403s & 404s to reduce Googlebot Crawl rates. (Blog)

Tiktok 🧬

  • Tiktok’s new Creator Fund is Coming. (My Post) & (Blog)
  • Tiktok launched Tiktok Trivia Happening 22-26 February with $500k Prize Pool. (Blog)
  • Rise in TikTok Businesses using Shops feature in US. (TC)
  • Tiktok is launching dedicated feeds for specific topics like Food, Fashion and gaming. (DIW)

Instagram ⚗️

  • Instagram is getting rid of live shopping from next month. (TV)
  • Instagram is testing Comment Gifs, confirmed by The Social Juice.
  • Instagram also reported got rid of shopping tab from your bottom feed. It’s now replaced with “Posting Button” in the Center of the feed.

Meta 👨‍💼

  • Meta’s adds more data to “Why Am I seeing this Ad” prompts, to increase Ad Transparency. (Blog)
  • Meta is Rolling out Meta work accounts for Limited businesses in 2023. (Read)

Twitter 🐣

  • Twitter will limit 2FA Feature to Twitter Blue Subscribers only from March 20,2023. (Tweet)
  • Ads for cannabis are now allowed on Twitter. (SEL)
  • Elon promises more positive changes coming to Twitters Ad Platform. (Tweet)

YouTube 📼

  • Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki Is setting down. (Announcement)
  • Youtube is testing ability to add multiple audio tracks in different languages to YT videos! (BI)
  • Youtube adds Feature to reply to comments with Shorts like Tiktok. (SMT)
  • Youtube announced new commercial Music licensing resource for creators. (Blog)

Snapchat 😶‍🌫️

  • Snapchat to Use Ray Tracing to Make AR lenses more realistic. (DIW)

Pinterest 📍

  • Pinterest is testing 5 Minutes length for Idea Pins. (Reddit )
  • Pinterest relaunches Pinterest e-learning Academy. (Tweet)

Marketing 🔮

  • Spotify will launch a Tiktok like feed for it’s users to get more user engagement. (Bloomberg)
  • Reddit Ads now support five new currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD. (Read)
  • Microsoft’s LinkedIn layed off Staff amid hiring slowdown. (TheInfo)
  • Discord’s Stage Channel just got a major update. (TB)
  • Twitch now lets streamers tag channels in Stream titles. (TV)
  • Paramount + adds 9.9 million new subscribers & hikes prices for showtime Integrations. (Adweek)

Content Opportunities

  • 20 February: Presidents Day / World Day of Social Justice / Share your worst mistakes from last year.
  • 21 February: International Mother Language Day / Pancake Day / Share a post about different Language speaking team members.
  • 22 February: World Yoga Day / World Thinking Day / Share your thoughts on Your least selling product.
  • 23 February : International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day / National Chili day / Post about your brand’s hot takes like Chillis.
  • 24 February: World Bartender Day / National Tortilla Chips Day / Share a time management tip with your audience.
  • 25 February: International Sword Swallower Day / National Drink Wine Day / Share your favourite products & how they compare with usage of your business’s product.
  • 26 February: Carpe Diem Day / National Pistachio Day/ Levi’s Day / Audit your Brand’s February Performance.

Marketing Trends Report 2.0 is In Working

The new design changes & 2 new marketing channels are in process of being covered now.

And the new one will be out in two weeks. I will also add new insights about other marketing channels.

Haven’t read the report yet? You can check it out here: Your Favourite Marketing Resource!

SaaS Finds of the Week

  • Munch - To create better video content with help of AI.
  • Adquick - A tool to help you run OOH marketing campaigns.
  • Tubebuddy - It’s an Analytics platform for Youtube.
  • Luma - A community platform to help you organise events & much more.
  • Uppbeat- Copyright-free music for creators

Marketing Resources of The Week

  1. Tiktok : The platform shared new insights on Tiktok Advertising reportedly 70,000 new insights have been added.
  2. Google: The platform shared new guide on “Best Link Practices”.
  3. LinkedIn : The platform launched New Workspace Learning Report 2023.
  4. Tiktok: A free Tiktok Trends Report of Last Week about Hooks, Story Framing & Trends.
  5. Product : A free Product launch guide for First-time startup founders.

Best Posts from r/MarketingCurated

The growth this week in our sub-reddit was great but not many posts from other people. But I tried my best to share the best resources that people liked & some didn’t!

Here’s a list of best & most valuable posts from r/marketingcurated:

  1. The psychology behind Type choices
  2. Why you shouldn’t repost Tiktok Content to IG
  3. My Insights on Referral Marketing
  4. Thoughts on Rihanna’s Super Bowl Marketing

There were many other posts that marketers & entrepreneurs found useful. You can join 3,530 other members today!

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