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Here’s What You Missed Last Week: LinkedIn launching 10 New Updates & YouTube & Snap focusing on AI 🧃

published19 days ago
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Marketing Updates 🚀

Top 5 Updates of the Week ↗️

  • Facebook launches 90 secs reels, memory prompts for reels & more . (Meta)
  • Tiktok earned $205 million more than Meta, Twitter, Snap combined on in-app purchases. (Check)
  • Snapchat’s AI Bot integration with ChatGPT is here. (TV)
  • Pinterest is testing a premium Ad Format with an schedule. (SEL)
  • Twitter’s Previous CEO launched a new decentralised Version of Twitter. (giz)

Google 🔍

  • Google updated its Ad Policy with major changes. (News)
  • Google Adds 3 new changes to Google Ads dashboard. (SEL)
  • Google provides new update on FLEDGE that might be a relief for SEOs & PPCs. (SEJ)
  • Google introduces AI-powered search Ads. (Post)
  • Google local posts updates & test interfaces. (Blog)
  • Google launched 2 new asset creation & customer acquisition tools. (SEL)

Tiktok 🎼

  • Tiktok launched “Sound for Business” feature to make music more accessible to marketers & SMMs. (News)
  • Tiktok users soon might have the ability to download videos without watermark. (Matt)
  • The case of Tiktok getting banned In US gets stronger with new bill. (Reuters)
  • Tiktok launches new Limits for Children users on platform with 60-minute limit per day. (Room)
  • Canada is now the next country to ban Tiktok from all government devices. (Blog)

Instagram 🧙‍♀️

  • Instagram starts testing its age verification feature tools in more countries. (TC)
  • Instagram features that have possibilities of being launched later this year. (DIW)

Meta 🔮

  • Meta shares how Integration of AI in Ad targeting is resulting in more ROAS for Marketers. (Here)
  • Meta funded a new tool to remove explicit images of minors from FB & IG faster. (Insider)
  • Meta slashes prices of VR Headsets. (Blog)
  • Meta announces $29M grant to 565 news outlets. (DIW)
  • Meta is going big on AI again, introduced a new large language model LLaMA. (Read)

Twitter 🐣

  • Twitter Blue Expands to 20 more countries. (mashable)
  • Twitter layed off another 200 employees last Sunday. (News)
  • Twitter updated its violent content policies. (Update)
  • Twitter Blue’s Head Esther Crawford leaves twitter. (TV)

YouTube 📼

  • Youtube’s New CEO Neal shared his insights about future of Youtube & AI. (blog)
  • Youtube’s help forum announces big changes to the Forums. (TB)
  • Creators share how much revenue they made from First month of Youtube Shorts monetisation. (TB)

LinkedIn 👨‍💼

  • LinkedIn launches collaborative articles for users to be more engaging & share insights. (Blog)
  • LinkedIn provides new segmentation options for its company engagement report. (Blog)
  • LinkedIn introduced 5 new features to Sales navigator to sell better. (News)
  • LinkedIn adds more Ad targeting criteria & new tips for B2C campaigns. (SMT)
  • LinkedIn added new features to help job seekers. (Blog)

Snapchat 😶‍🌫️

  • Snapchat will now let you pause your Snap Streaks. (TC)

Reddit 🎃

  • Reddit launches the ability to search comments within a post. (PR)

Pinterest 📌

  • Dentsu strikes up Pinterest partnership in the UK. (Read (€))
  • Pinterest’s Shuffle Apps Access expanded to 9 new countries. (Blog)

Marketing 🚀

  • BeReal shares that they have no vision of Advertising & partnering with brands. (Reddit)
  • Bing Webmasters tool adding Bing Chat & Index coverage reporting. (seroundtable)
  • Brave search adds Summarize AI feature. (Read)
  • Sam’s club adds retargeting ads to retail media network. (MD)
  • OpenAI launches API for ChatPT & its whisper speech-to-text tech. (TV)
  • Jellysmack gets in the fast lane with Roku partnership. (TB)
  • 66% consumers want fewer marketing messages. (Report)
  • Philadelphia and Ritz crackers launch brand partnership for billboards. (Thedrum)

Content Opportunities

  • 6 March: National Dentist’s Day / National Oreo Day / World Sustainable Energy Day.
  • 7 March: Alexander Graham Bell Day / National Sportmanship Day / Plant Power Day / Share a post about sports or nature.
  • 8 March: World Maths Day / International Women’s Day / Holi (Festival of colors)
  • 9 March : World Kidney Day / Panic day / National Popcorn lover’s Day
  • 10 March : International day of awesomeness / National Mario Day / British Science Week.
  • 11 March: World Plumbing Day / Frankenstein Day / National Genealogy Day / Share your favourite household work.
  • 12 March: International Fanny Pack Day / The Academy Awards / National Girl Scout’s Day / Share a story about your favourite movie about your Industry.

SaaS Finds of the Week

  • Marchex - A conversion intelligence tool for marketing teams.
  • Climb TV - A platform to help you get started with CTV Advertising.
  • Multiplier - A Pharma Marketing Platform.
  • Automated Insights - A content marketing tool to gather insights from data at it’s best.
  • Sitecore- A CMS for SaaS and Startups.

Marketing Resources of the Week ⚗️

  1. Meta : The platform published a 50-page Cultural Trends Report 2023.
  2. SEO: Seroundtable’s Monthly Webmasters Report is out!
  3. CMO: A Recent survey of CMOs reveal their insights on ChatGPT & AI.
  4. Consumer: A free report on how brands & consumers are listening to each other & what are the barriers.
  5. B2B : How Changes in B2B decision-making are impacting marketing.

Best Posts from r/marketingcurated

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